Welcome to the Learning Games Initiative Research Archive (LGIRA). Designed around the concept of "preservation through use," LGIRA makes accessible to researchers all over the world and of all ages, a constantly expanding collection of computer games, systems, peripherals, memorabilia, scholarship, and a plethora of other game-related materials. 

Our new cataloging process for the Omeka database has only recently begun and is ongoing. Current estimates are that LGIRA houses more than 12,000 games, 100+ game systems, dozens of audio/visual materials, and innumerable para-texts ranging from joystick prototypes to game-branded food stuffs to unique game-themed handicrafts. There are also thousands of print materials in the Archive, from scholarly texts to industry publications to lab notes by early game developers to comic books.

The breadth of the LGI Research Archive is meant to be representative rather than comprehensive, making it an ideal source for jump-starting projects, as well as for expanding one's sense of scope.

So browse the online holdings and if you don't find what you're looking for, get in touch and we'll do some investigating ourselves. Chances are usually good that we either have what you need somewhere, or we'll know how to get it.


Recently Added Items

Apollo Moon Shot Rifle Gallery Arcade Machine Sales Flyer


Original flyer with postal date from 1969. Sent to United Distributing in Hawesbury Ontario (probably typo from Hawkesbury).

Moon Tycoon


Jewel case is cracked.

Schematic and Wiring Diagrams of Lunar Lander for Field Service Seminars (Sheets 1 & 2)


DP-136-01 (3rd printing). Filed with Sheet 2, the Lunar Lander Operation, Maintenance, and Service Manual, and an early shipping envelope.

Lunar Lander: Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual Complete with Illustrated Parts Catalog


TM-136 (4th printing). Stored with Lunar Lander's "Schematics and Wiring Diagrams" (2 sheets), plus an envelope dated "Nov. 9, 1988" and addressed to…

Cointronics Lunar Lander Coin-op Arcade Game Machine Photo Vintage Print Ad


Apparently cut out of a coin-op industry magazine.

Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space: A U.S.-Soviet Space Race Simulation


Box includes 8 game/data disks, Mission Descriptions card, "Buzz Off to the U.S. Space Academy" info sheet, Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space Companion…

The Australian Atari Gazette: The Official Journal of M.A.C.E. (January/February 1986)


"Perfect" binding is deteriorating and the issue is now in two sections: 1-28 and 29-56. Also, the cover says this is the "February 1986" issue but…