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  • Collection: Early Business Games (US and Germany)

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Experimentalsystem für organisationstheoretische Forschungszwecke: nicht-kompetitives Modell mit vier Produktionssparten


Ausbildungskurs im Rahmen des Studiengangs Operations Research

“The simulation is part of a large-scale education program for salesmen in member firms. The particular purposes of the simulation are to show the interdependence of variables, to teach quantitative decision-making analysis, and to discuss Pareto…

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Management, lokale & nationale Märkte; „Semi-annual decisions by top management in production, local and national marketing expenditures, product and process improvement, market research, pricing and dividends. Two products sold competitively in 4…

„The game stresses the functions and interrelationships of the management process. It demonstrates principles and problems top managers must face.“ (Graham/Gray 1969, 254)


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Eingesetzt im USW; Finanzplanungsmodell

Planspiel Mehrwertsteuer


„Venture provides practical experience in making the operating decisions of a firm and its profit allocations. It was designed for, and has been used with, Procter & Gamble production employees.“ (Graham/Gray 1969, 252)

Eingesetzt im USW; Zeitplanungsmodell

“The purpose of the game is to provide experience in preparing financial statements for a firm – balance sheets, profit and loss, and cash-flow statements – and to stress the use of financial statements for management decision making.”…

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Marktspiel oligopolistische Konkurrenz (deutsche Adaption des amerik. UNIVAC 2)