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Author is a longtime LGI member, as are Tobias Conradi, Tim Glaser, Kerstin Hoffmann, and Theo Rohle (all of whom are listed on the back of the book with the phrase "unter mitarbeit von"--with the cooperation of...). LGI--and Judd and Ken--are…

Authors are two longtime LGI members.

Cart only.

Date is a guess. Almost certainly sometime in the 1980s.

A two-page color sales flyer featuring Chess 7.0, Checkers 2.1, Odin, How About a Nice Game of Chess, and Mind of Man Set for Apple II, Apple III, Commodore 64, IBM PC, Atari 400, and Atari 800.

A four-page color sales brochure featuring a Charlie Chaplin character with a Santa cap.
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