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Betrieb der Caltex-Gruppe





Strategisches Planspiel (ausführlich: Hartl-Prager 1972, 75-86)

Zeitmanagement für Vertreter



“Since the game is flexible and can be tailored to particular needs, the general training purpose is to provide a decision-making model which demonstrate the interrelationships of the key variables in a business system. Emphasis can be shifted by…

"A manual interacting game in which 5 teams buy and sell property among themselves." (Kibbee/Craft/Nanus 1961, 333); “Operation Suburbia is an interaction game which stresses the necessity for communication within and among groups in the planning…

Green and white fabric swatch featuring characters from the Space Invaders arcade game.

Nicht-interaktive Marktsimulation, komplex, mittelgroßes Unternehmen; „A very complex general management model” (Kibbee/Craft/Nanus 1961, 334)

Supermarkt-Management; “Quarterly expenditure decisions by top supermarket management in advertising, special promotions and traffic leaders; stock maintenance; product and market research. Single product line sold competitively in 2 marketing…

Komplexes Marketing Game mit freien Rollenspielelementen; „This game is one of the most detailed games that exist. Each team makes many decisions in marketing as well as in other functional areas. For each kind of decisionsay, product quality- a…

“Quarterly general management decisions on production, research and development, marketing, plant capacity, price, market research, bank loans, and dividends. Prices of the company's stock vary with corporate effectiveness and help determine lines…