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virtual pro baseball 95.jpeg
Virtual League Baseball, known in Japan as Virtual Pro Yakyuu '95 (バーチャルプロ野球'95 Bācharu Puro Yakyū '95), is a 1995 baseball video game developed and published by Kemco for the Virtual Boy. A sequel, Virtual League Baseball 2, was planned, but later…

Complete in box.

Super Famista 4.jpg
Super Famista 4 is a baseball game for the Super Famicom. It is the fourth game for the system, and the thirteenth game in the series overall. As with its forebears, the game features the real teams of the Nippon Professional Baseball league and a…

Double jewel case contains the game (1 disc), plus manuals and other materials. Jewel case cracked on back right bottom corner.

Acquired in Kyoto, Japan, 2019.
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