Acorn Electron with Plus 1 Extension

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Acorn Electron with Plus 1 Extension

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Acorn Elk


Acorn Computers Ltd.

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Acorn Electron: 1982
Plus 1 Extension: 1984


Hardware (console)


Personal Computer (Acorn Electron)




The Acorn Electron was a budget version of the BBC Micro educational/home computer made by Acorn Computers Ltd. It had 32 kilobytes of RAM, and its ROM memory included BBC BASIC along with its operating system.

The Electron was able to save and load programs onto audio cassette via a supplied converter cable that plugged into the microphone socket of any tape recorder. It was capable of basic graphics, and could display onto either a television set or a "green screen" monitor.

At its peak, the Electron was the third best selling micro in the United Kingdom, and total lifetime game sales for the Electron exceeded those of the BBC Micro. There are at least 500 known games for the Electron and the true total is probably in the thousands.


About the Plus 1 Extension from Wikipedia

The Acorn Plus 1 added two ROM cartridge slots, an analogue interface (supporting two channels) and a Centronics parallel port. The analogue interface was normally used for joysticks, the parallel for a printer. The ROM slots could be booted from via the "Shift+BREAK" key-combination. (The slot at the front of the interface took priority if both were populated).
With power cord and A/V cable

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