Texas Tech Exhibition 2019

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Texas Tech Exhibition 2019


Judd Ruggill, Ken McAllister, Taylor Stephens, Nick Leuenberger, Louis Migliazza

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Francisco Ortega, Jorgelina Orfila, Judd Ruggill, Ken McAllister, Taylor Stephens, Nick Leuenberger, Louis Migliazza

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (copy 1 of 2)
Tommy Vercetti is a gangster who just got off a fifteen year prison sentence for not squealing on his friends. Because he didn't rat out his "family", Tommy's sent to work with Sonny Forelli, his old boss. Sonny gives him an easy drug job, but…

Grub Grub Grub (Mini)
A painting by Tucson artist Mel Dominguez purchased from Tucson Tamales. http://melodominguez.com/

Beijing 2008 (copy 1 of 3)
The official game of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008 features 32 national teams in 38 events for both men and women on a varied number of disciplines, played in truthful representations of the stadiums that hosted the real Games in the…

Digimon: Digital Monsters 01
Tokyopop Digimon Manga is a series of books which are an English language adaption of the Digimon Adventure manga. These books, known as volumes cover the entire span of the first series with each volume covering multiple episodes. Volume 1 is the…

Mario & Zelda Big Band Live CD
Mario & Zelda Big Band Live CDis a recording of a livebig bandperformance of songs based on theMarioandThe Legend of Zeldagame series. The performance was at Nihon Seinenkan Hall on September 14, 2003. There were many artists who performed during…

Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring
Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring(formerlyAAA El VideojuegoorAAA The Videogame) is alucha libre video game developed by Immersion Software & Graphics and Immersion Games Mexico (which is now called Larva Games Studios) for the Playstation 3, Xbox…

Accordion Hero
A collection of Norteno classics by the undisputed accordion king. After four decades in the music business, Ramon Ayala continues to influence young accordion players throughout the U.S., Mexico and beyond. This collection is a great representation…

프로야구 스피리츠 2010
The 2010 edition of the very popular (in Japan) Nippon Professional League (NPB) baseball game. This year marks the series' last appearance on PlayStation 2 and first on PSP.Source: Giant Bomb

Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge
In celebration of Street Fighter's 15th Anniversary, Udon Entertainment is proud to announce the arrival of the long awaited English translation of Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge! Direct from Capcom Japan, Eternal Challenge is the official,…

Communist Mutants From Space
Communist Mutants From Spaceis an arcade action game with gameplay similar toSpace Invaders. Your goal is to defend your home planet from the various mutant warriors which are attacking. You control an anti-mutant cannon on the bottom of the screen,…

Katamari Damacy T-Shirt (M)
T-Shirt of the video game title and logo Katamari Damacy.

From Capcom's Clover studios, the team behind Viewtiful Joe 2, comes a 3-D cell shaded action adventure in the world of feudal Japan. Ōkami tells the tale of a wolf-goddess named Amaterasu who must prevent an evil being known as Orochi from taking…

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Mike Tyson's Punch-Outis one of the most popular and biggest selling video games of all time. Step into the ring as Little Mac, a 17-year-old fighter from the Bronx, ranked number three in the minor circuit. Your goal is to work your way up through…

Jurassic Park
The Sega Genesis game based on the Jurassic Park movie/book differs from the games made by Ocean for other platforms. Basically, Sega's Jurassic Park is a side-scrolling action game. You jump from platform to platform, pick up weapons and health…

Myst: The Puzzling New Board Game Adventure
Two teams race to put together a jigsaw puzzle of Myst Island, then take turns playing cards that match the artifacts found at various locations. Most points after all the cards are played wins.Source: BoardGameGeek

Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game: Hogwarts Challenge
Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game: Hogwarts Challenge is a DVD game in which the player attends years one, two, and three of Hogwarts. It was released on 11 December, 2007 and followed by Harry Potter DVD Game: Wizarding World.Source: Harry Potter…

VideoNow: What's New Scooby-Doo?
The VideoNow is a portable video player produced by Hasbro and released by their subsidiary Tiger Electronics in 2003. The systems use discs called PVDs (which stands for Personal Video Disc), which can store about 30 minutes (half an hour) of video,…
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