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Disk 1: Racing Games and Public Domain
A: Hardhat Climber, Canyon Cruiser, B-1 Nuclear Bomber, Minefield, Munch Maze, Revenge of Cyon, Checkers, Hawkmen of Dendrin, U-Boat 26, Cylon Zap, Battleship War, Circus, The Forest of Evil, Trenchfire, The Miser, The Pyramid; B: Burnin Rubber,…

Disk 2: Sports Games Both Sides
A: Soccer, On-Field Football, On-Field Baseball, World Series Baseball, One on One, Tennis; B: Track & Field, Hustler, Backgammon, Horse Racing, Monopoly, Grand Master

Disk 5: Arcade-Type Games and Space-Related Games
A: Neutral Zone, Zaxxon, Star Wars, Fort Apocalypse, Gyruss; B: Defender, Save New York, Stealth, Galaxian, Buck Rogers, Survivor

Disk 6: Arcade-Type Games and Airplane-Related Games
A: River Raid, Raid over Moscow, Time Pilot, Super Skramble!, Space Pilot; B: Blue Max, Solo Flight, Falcon Patrol

Disk 7: Jumpman and Jumpman Jr.
A: Jumpman Junior, Jumpman; B: Pogo Joe, Q-Bopper, Miner 2049'er, Popeye, Fast Eddie, Miner, Frantic Freddie, Q*Bert

Disk 8: Summer Games 1
Summer Games

Disk 9: Role-Playing Games
A: Abandon, Gateway to Aphsai, Shamus Case 2, Shamus, Ghostbusters; B: H.E.R.O., James Bond, The Sword of Fargoal, Rescue, Archon

Disk 12: Space Taxi
Space Taxi

Disk 13: Raid on Bungeling Bay
Raid on Bungeling Bay

Disk 14: Karate Games
A: The Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris; B: Hunter on Ice, Mr. Mephisto, David's Midnight Magic

Disk 18: Indiana Jones
A: Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom; B: Mission Impossible, Shamus Case 2, Defender, Falcon Patrol, Pitfall II, BC's Quest for Tires

Disk 19: The Seven Cities of Gold, The Heist, and Super Pipeline
The Seven Cities of Gold, The Heist, Super Pipeline

Disk 20: Rambo Games
A: Rambo First Blood Part II; B: Adept, War Games, Potty Pigeon, Rally Speedway

Disk 21: Wavy Navy
A: O'Riley's Mine, Wavy Navy, Wimbledon, Galaxy, Mines, Grog's Revenge; B: Wizard, Wizard of Wor, Ms. Pac-Man, Chilly Willy, Star Trek, International Basketball, Soccer 2, Alien Brood

Disk 22: Murder by the Dozen, Lode Runner, Toy Bizarre, Chilly Willy, and Hunter on Ice
Toy Bizarre, Pitfall II, Chilly Willy, Hunter on Ice, The Final Conquest, Lode Runner

Disk 27: Temple of Apshai
A: Temple of Apshai; B: Fire One, House of Usher, Night Mission Pinball, Decathlon, Castle of Jasoom

Disk 28: Beach Head II
Caverns of Khafka, Superman, Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory, Zeppelin, Crisis Mountain
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