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Collection of documents from Bruse Moncreiff surrounding his role in developing the Sumerian Game and other documents.

Date Created

January 27, 2021

Collection Items

A Low Energy Information-Based Utopia Contents
A possible book proposal outlining the chapters and their summaries. Has two copies.

Prospectus:  A Low Energy Information-based Utopia
Prospectus describes an introduction and reasoning behind the projected book.

Handwritten: Deepening Environmental Crisis, Early Retirement
Handwritten document discussing how Moncreiff feels about IBM ignoring the need to for new designs in support of distributed networks.

Handwritten: Micro-computer System for Pharmacies, a Note to Paul
Moncreiff describes his experiences developing a micro-computer based system for pharmacies. Also included is a note to Paul describing his role in market development rather than product or system development.

Personal History: Draft
Document describing Bruse Moncreiff's education and career history

2 copies

Autobiographical Note
An autobiography including his parental influences, early education, collegiate and graduate education and his career in data processing.
Signed by Bruse Moncreiff

Two copies

Dear Richard Moncreiff
A letter from Devin Monnens to Richard Moncreiff (son of Bruse Moncreiff) asking if Richard had any paperwork and information about Bruse Moncreiff's role in developing The Sumerian Game

The Nature of Necessary Propositions
16 page essay in a folder with metal binding.

Confusion 1, 2, 3
Handwritten note describing confusions about ASDD

The ASDD Mission
A memorandum to W. J. Hollenkamp discussing the ASDD Mission

21 page essay by Bruse Moncreiff

Semantical Rules and Necessary Signs
24 page essay written by Bruse Moncreiff. Includes drawings and mathematical equations on the back cover.

An Unsolved Problem in the Area of Automated Evaluation of Performance
An essay discussing Bruse Moncreiff's concerns with problems in the area of automated evaluation of performance.

Instrumentation for Research in Learning Condensed Version of the Taxonomy of Education Objectives
A letter addressed to Dean M. A. Williamson, Professor O. E. Lancaster, Professor H. T. Tarpley, Professor S. A. Bowhill, Professor C. Volz, Professor R. L. Reich, Professor R. R. Kountz, Amos Shaler

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Simulated Environment Mode
Stapled group of papers. Includes Distinguished Characteristics of the Simulated Environment Mode, Simulated Environment Mode in a High School Physics Course, Educational Electronics Summary of Instruction and Machine Requirements and a diagram…

Chronological Environment
Five pages of handwritten notes discussing simulated environments. Includes Chronological Environment, Contemporary Selective Environments, Design of Teaching Material, Choice of Teaching Material Topics

Mentions Sumeria

Timeline on Card
A timeline of events written on a card.

Moefius and the Cardatype
Describes Bruse Mocreiff's contribution to the Cardatype which was unrecognized by IBM

Opening the Kimono
Handrwritten document describing Bruse Moncreiff's contributions to the IBM 602A that went unrecognized by IBM
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