We have a robust internship program at the Learning Games Initiative Research Archive (LGIRA). Our interns do a wide variety of projects, some self-directed, some in collaboration with the LGIRA staff and visiting researchers, some with other interns.

Almost all of our interns learn the basics of video game preservation, how to curate a video game exhibit, and how to process new donations.

Interns with technical skills may help write custom code for the website or design and build custom display cabinets.

Interns with art skills may survey the Archive's many unique game-related artworks and design ways to display them effectively at the various LGIRA sites.

Interns with good math and/or writing skills may help with some of LGIRA's many grants, reports, and publicity materials.

And interns with good public relations skills may train to become tour guides and organizational representatives at professional and community meetings.

There are many things interns can learn and practice at LGIRA, but ultimately, they all learn to see how to do multiple things in multiple ways--just like professional video game researchers.



LGIRA owes a lot to its many past and current interns. Thanks to all of the following people who spent many hours working on setting up and testing equipment, testing games, unpacking and sorting donations, leading tours, curating exhibits, doing data entry, working on promotional materials, writing code, managing social media, designing posters and flyers, and all manner of other important tasks that help LGIRA to help the world's game researchers. Cheers!

NOTE 1: If your name is here, but we're missing your photo and bio, please contact Ken or Judd. We'd love to get your entry filled out!

Note 2: If you'd like to apply for an LGIRA internship and are at least 11 years old, just send a note to mesmer8(AT)gmail(DOT)com.


Kobe Anthony


An avid gamer, game historian, and game music composer, Kobe is also the LGIRA Social Media Lead. 

Carmen Blandino



Bryce Buckner


Bryce is a senior at the University of Arizona studying Retailing and Consumer Sciences. He's also delivery rider for onda guey Courier in Tucson.

Rachel Burton


Angharad Daly



Te Dasinger



Nick DeMarinis



Moyu Deng



Brianna Eusebio



 Angelia Giannone


Angelia is now completing a PhD in Information Science at the University of Arizona. She specializes in video game usability and testing.

Mahmood Gladney



Tanner Gonzaga


Tanner is a senior at Sky Islands Public High School and highly knowledgeable about current and retro Japanese rhythm games. He collects rare retro games, is an accomplished digital media developer (e.g., Photoshop, After Effects, Sony Vegas 13), and is an avid Yamaha VOCALOID Synthesizer playser. Miraculously, Tanner has survived falling off three mountains.

Stephen Hall


Stephen is the Assistant Curator of the History of Pharmacy Museum. By night, he stalks the city streets as a costumed crimefighter.

Abigail Lopez



Nick Leuenberger


Nick is currently a second year MLIS student the UA, working towards getting his degree in order to pursue a career in archives. His free time is predominately filled by video games, television shows and movies.

Louis Migliazza


 Louis is a graduate student getting a Master's in Library and Information Science at the U of A. After graduating in May 2019, he intends to work in public libraries where he wants to merge his love of libraries with his love of video games.

Jeffrey Matto



Tito Montero


After working at the LGIRA, Tito was offered a position in the Communications and Sponsorships Departments at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), a non-profit organization in Los Angeles. His recent projects have included the NALIP Media Summit and Awards Gala and the upcoming Latino Media Fest.

Ferris Ramadan



Niko Roebuck



Elsa Sanchez


Elsa will be a first-year Computer Science major at the University of Arizona in the Fall of 2017. (We hope she'll also be a college-level LGIRA intern as well!)

Kayo Shintaku


Kayo is now A PhD candidate in the graduate interdisciplinary program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) at the University of Arizona. She is also a Graduate Teaching Associate in East Asian Studies, where she teaches Japanese as a foreign language. Her research interests include technology-mediated second and foreign language pedagogy and learning, with a particular focus on the educational use of entertainment media such as digital games.

Mitchell Stevens


Connor Tully

  Connor is now a Chemistry major at the University of Arizona and is working for a Ph.D. student at the UA Cancer Center.

Hongda Xu


Hongda, one of LGIRA's best intern coders, is now a Developer Team Lead at Bank of America!

Austin Ziska