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Business Game

Game Boy with Pro-Sound Mod_1.jpg
Game Boy Special Edition "Black Jack" w/ inverted blue backlight, Pro-Sound Mod, and white buttons

A modified version of an original and classic Nintendo dot matrix Game Boy.
The following changes were made (see pictures):
- inverted blue LED…

2 player cooperative card game representing an encounter of the erotic kind between a human and an alien

„In Consentacle, you and a partner squirm your way to a mutually satisfying Human x Alien romance... with or without the benefit of verbal…

This Is A Cry For Help_1.jpg
A collection of different media (comics, games, sketches) created by Edmund McMillen between 1997 and 2008

„I've spent the past 10 years of my life trying my best to stay independent and work on personal projects I felt had meaning to me and what…

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Exhibition held at Württembergische Kunstverein / Stuttgart.

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Bei der rundenbasierten PC-Simulation ecopolicy (erschienen im MCB-Publishing House, München) handelt es sich um eine schematische Darstellung komplexer Zusammenhänge in Politik und Gesellschaft. Das anschaulich illustrierte Spiel lässt sich in drei…


Cyberentic based urban simualtion

You are a manager of an oil company and have to produce as much oil as possible, transport it and then sell it.

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You have to bid on the purchase price of the raw materials and the sales price of the finished goods. When supply exceeds demand the prices drop. When demand exceeds supply the prices rise. If you bid less than the going price, you get nothing.

Playboss is an exciting board-game that simulates the many real-life business situations in which directors and managers make their decisions. Each player in this game is a businessman who has the opportunity of buying machines and raw materials,…

Basiert auf dem Carnegie Tech Management Game
»The NYU MANAGEMENT GAME is a complex simulation of business enterprises operating in a competitive industry. It is designed to provide students with a compressed and integrative but realistic…

“The purpose of the game is to design the sales territories for the sales force so as to obtain that distribution of a given number of salesmen by territory which will yield the optimum total sales volume for the entire country” (Davis/Wurth 1965,…

Bankwesen, Top-Management; „Quarterly decisions by the top management of a bank in the amount of callable and non-callable loans to be made, and rediscounted purchase or sale of government bonds and securities, and the amount to be transferred to or…
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