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Includes interview with Howard Scott Warshaw (developer of Atari E.T. game) by Charles F. Gray.

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As of 3/19/2015, this interview appears at the following…

From a communication with Charles Gray on 3/21/15, below is the complete version of the E.T. Book Cart:

Title: E.T. Book Cart

Company: Gray Games

Region: North America

TV Format: NTSC

Programmer: Charles F. Gray and Michael S.…
Gray Games is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

[This complete file is not available to the general public--see below to learn why. The file is located in another non-public record on the LGIRA server. If you would like access to some of its contents, plus contact LGIRA staff.]

A very large…

Images from E.T. Book Cart release at 2006 Philly VGXPO. This was the first generation unfinished prototype.
These are the actual text files that comprise the E.T. Book Cart. They were sent to us by Michael Rideout via Charles Gray.

ET Book Cart.jpg
To be determined: Did you get the manual with the E.T. Book Cart? If not, I am sure Albert Yarusso still has the PDF file and can print you off a high res manual. I think if your organization bought the E.T. Book Cart right when it was released and…
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