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  • Collection: Rob Schreiber Wargames Collection

-Slight damage to upper left corner of the box.
-Contains Game Guide, Reference Manual, and physical areas maps.

-Fold in the front, very top of the box. Slight corner damage all around, especially to the top and bottom left of the front of the box.
-Includes data card and rule book

-Includes: User manual, warranty card/sweepstakes entry, and gameplay area map

-Includes game reference book, reference card, and tutorial and technical support booklet.

-Includes: Area reference map, user manual, command ad control guide, and addendum.
-Rip in front top right corner, multiple dents in the front of the box

-Includes: User Manual and Strategy First Product catalog (2001 Line up)
-Small sticker damage to back bottom right corner.

-Includes SSI catalog (first half, 1996) and CD-Rom data card.
-Slight damage to all corners and some edges of the box.
-Small sticker damage on front (in the 'S' of fantasy)

-Includes: User Manual, product registration card, 6 area maps for gameplay, and the Technical Supplement for PC CD-ROM

-Includes: Combat reference card, first steps installment card,game reference booklet, scenario builder reference booklet, technical support & tutorial pamphlet, and Impressions product pamphlet 1995
-Sticker damage front top left corner

-Includes user's manual and units conversion table for in-game play.

-Includes: User Manual, CD-ROM data card, and reference pamphlet

Includes license agreement and warranty card

-Includes: User manual, quick reference card to button mappings, and internet access card
-Slight dent in the center of the top front edge, small rip in cardboard upper right corner of the back

-Includes: Game Scenario and Campaign Editor (separate CD), both game's user manuals, two map booklets, campaign area poster, and warranty registration card.
-Slight wear and tare to corners and edges of the box.
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