Collection of Photos of Charles F. Gray's Prototypes and Limited Edition Releases

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Collection of Photos of Charles F. Gray's Prototypes and Limited Edition Releases


Charles F. Gray, et al.

Date Issued

July 25, 2014


[This complete file is not available to the general public--see below to learn why. The file is located in another non-public record on the LGIRA server. If you would like access to some of its contents, plus contact LGIRA staff.]

A very large (1.2 Gb) file composed of photos of all of Charles Gray's games. About this donation to the Archive, Charles writes:

Here is most of my prototypes and limited releases pictures as a free download via my Dropbox account:

Feel free to publish these as you see fit. I will ask that packages with people's addresses and signatures on carts are not published due to possible identity theft. The signatures are on the back of the carts and may contain more than just my signature for colaborative efforts.

Some of my releases(such as Astrowar) never had a limited release and did not have physical prototypes, so of course these will not be in this folder.

I do not have pics of the prototype made and used of the incomplete E.T. Book Cart made and shown by Atari Age aside from what I emailed you from the 2006 Philly VGXPO. I asked Albert Yarusso about this proto and this is what he said,


> Question about 1st generation E.T. Book Cart at the 2006 Philly VGXPO as seen in this picture.
> Does this cart still exist?
It may still exist, that was some time ago and I’ve moved a few times since then, so it could be in a box somewhere. I don’t normally “recycle” those carts, but since it didn’t have label, I may have reused the cart for demos at another show.

> Was only one cart made or two carts?
Probably just the one, since I always bring hardware necessary to build another cart if need be.

> Would you email me a couple front and back pics of this cart?
I can if I still have the cart. However, if I don’t have it immediately accessible (in other words, it’s buried somewhere in my garage), that’s not something I’d be able to do. I do remember “scrounging” for some clear shells to use for another show (for demo carts), so if I don’t come up with the cart right away, it probably no longer exists.

> What is the cart laying on the Atari 2600 in this picture?
That is Sync, which was another demo for the show (and the game described in the left placard on top of the monitor).

Take care,



Charles F. Gray, et al., “Collection of Photos of Charles F. Gray's Prototypes and Limited Edition Releases,” Learning Games Initiative Research Archive (LGIRA), accessed April 13, 2024,


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