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Thank You!

Since the LGI Research Archive was inaugurated in 1999, many people and organizations have contributed to its success. Donations have come in the many forms that allow a small research organization to grow and thrive, from the mundane but necessary cash on the barrel head, to sweat equity (e.g., helping to carry 20 large steel bookcases up three narrow flights of stairs), to furniture, to (of course) games and game systems. On behalf of the manifold users of the LGI Research Archive, we thank you!

If we've inadvertently overlooked you on the list of LGI Contributors below, please get in touch so that we can rectify the situation.

If you haven't yet contributed to LGI but would like to, click "Donate" on the left side of the screen for information.

The following is an ever-expanding list of people who have made important contributions of time, talent, money, and/or artifacts to the LGI Research Archive:

Arizona Daily Star
Arizona Media Arts Center
Suellen Adams
Kyle Boggs
Victoria Braegger
Chris Cardiel (Maven of Magazines)
Eric Case
College of Humanities, University of Arizona
Confluencecenter for Creative Inquiry, University of Arizona
Jose Cortez
Flavio Crawford
Ryan Cresawn
Kendra Davey
Livio De La Cruz
Nyssa Densley
Robert Finger
Department of English, University of Arizona
Tom Hong Do
Langston Gering
Rita Gibbs
Jason Gill
Al Harahap
A. Hastie (ebay-er extraordinaire!)
Justine Hernandez
Robert Hoffman
Paul Hurh
Institute for LGBT Studies, University of Arizona
Paul Jace (gangrelx) at Gangrelx's Unique Finds on ebay
Dana Katbah
Amy Kimme Hea
Jonathan Kostovski at All EWired Up (happiestsellerever!) on ebay
Chuck Lamkin
Jamie Ann Lee
Jerry Lee
Adela Licona
Eugene Liptak
Henry Lowood
Usman Muhammad Makhdoom (Master of Japanatronix)
Louis Clayton Thorne Migliazza
Jim Martin
David Menchaca
Michael Michuk (Collector of the Astonishing!)
Colleen and Rick Moncrieff
Devin Monnens
Martin Munro
Arthur Naiman
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Arizona State University
Jill Newby
Jennifer Nichols
Natalie Olson
Marc Ouellette
Matthew Thomas Payne
Ping Pong Media
Rocky Ponce
Nelson Post
Jonathon Reinhardt
Marilyn Reisch
Dan Richards
Alex Richter
Abbey Roberts
Bart Rossman
Bob Ruggill
Jane Ruggill
Richard Salovar
School of Theater, Film & Television, University of Arizona
Rachel Srubas
Rob Schreiber
Christian Tottino
Bonnie Travers
Phil Villarreal
Lisa Wagenheim
Mike Weingarten
Greg Wise
Mark J. P. Wolf
Karen Zimmerman